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A wide range of massages from head to toe

Hot Stone

Heated massage stones comfort + radiate warmth.

Moonstone Package

3hrs - 90 min massage + Facial + Body Scrub

Couples Massage (Price for 2)
120min £205 / 90min £160 / 60min £105 / 30min £70
Full Body Scrub + Massage
120min £120 / 90min £90

A gentle exfoliation treatment for the whole body using one of our delightfully scented body scrubs, combined with a massage style of your choice!

Deep Tissue
120min £105 / 90min £85 / 60min £55

Enjoy a firm pressure massage using slow strokes to target deeper layers of muscles. Deep tissue massage can help with chronic muscle tension and pain, and can aid mobility.

Full Body Scrub
50min £60

Scrub the day away and delight your senses as we use our heavenly apple, green tea & ginger, Himalayan salt, or lavender scrubs to gently exfoliate your skin, improving circulation and leaving it softer and smoother!

Head, Neck, Back, Shoulder
60min £55 / 30min £35

A therapeutic massage targeting the head, back, neck and shoulders to help reduce tension and relax the body. Great for helping to alleviate stress, reduce muscle stiffness and promote a sense of wellbeing!

120min £105 / 90min £85 / 60min £55

A traditional favourite known for its calming effects, which uses long gliding strokes, tapping, kneading, friction and gentle stretching to alleviate muscle tension and improve circulation.

Foot Massage
60min £49 / 30min £30

Targeting pressure points in the foot with massage to help alleviate stress, improve circulation, and promote overall wellbeing.

Pregnancy Massage
90min £85 / 60min £55

A specialised type of massage designed to address the unique needs of expectant mothers. The focus is on promoting relaxation, easing muscle tension, reducing swelling and helping to alleviate common pregnancy-related discomforts including lower back pain and leg cramps.

Foot spa + Mini massage

The perfect treatment to relax and unwind- feet are soaked in warm water infused with our special blend of salts and essential oils, combined with massage to help improve circulation, alleviate foot fatigue, and soften the skin.

Sport Massage
90min £89 / 60min £65

Designed to support customers who are engaging in physical activities, sport massage uses deep tissue techniques and stretching, targeting specific pressure points. It can help to reduce muscle soreness, improve flexibility and promote circulation, preventing and treating injuries, enhancing muscle recovery and improving performance.

Hot Stone Massage
120min £105 / 90min £85 / 60min £55

Heated smooth stones are used on specific points of the body to relax the muscles, allowing your therapist to access deeper layers of tissue and promoting relaxation, improved circulation, and reduced muscle tension.

90min £85 / 60min £55

Combining traditional techniques with therapeutic essential oils, aromatherapy massage aims to promote a sense of deep relaxation, reducing stress and improving overall wellbeing.

Thai Oil
120min £105 / 90min £85 / 60min £55

Thai oil massage uses gentle stretching and pressure combined with our therapeutic Thai essential oils. It uses traditional deep tissue techniques to focus on the body’s energy lines, helping relieve tension.

Cupping + Massage
90min £89 / 60min £65

This is an alternative treatment where cups are placed on the skin to create suction, producing a vacuum effect that increases blood flow to the area, loosening muscles and promoting healing and relaxation. Combined with the massage style of your choice!

60min £60

A relaxing beauty treatment designed to improve the health and appearance of the face. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, and moisturised to leave it feeling soft and refreshed!

Massage and Facial
120min £115 / 90min £90

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